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Fix hail damage on your vehicle without diminishing its value and messing up its original paint job at Specialized Hail Company. After more than 25 years and repairing thousands of automobiles, we have the knowledge and experience to work on any makes and models.

Count on us to restore your car to its former dent-free glory in less than a week!

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Trust your electric vehicle’s dent repair with our certified professionals!

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Based out of the Rogers, AR, we provide comprehensive hail damage repair solutions for vehicle owners in northwest Arkansas and southwest Missouri. We can also assist in filing claims to your automotive insurance provider. All you need to do is get a claim number, and we’ll do the rest. With our help, you can have up to $500 deducted from the total repair costs.

Hail Damage Repair

Has your vehicle been damaged after a recent hailstorm? We offer professional auto hail damage repair to restore your vehicle.

Paintless Dent Repair

Our expert professionals are experienced in fixing all sizes of vehicular dents caused by road debris and other external factors.

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We really loved meeting with Jason Alexander, owner of Alexander Real Estate of Bentonville AR. We were able to showcase our shop, and services while providing some history of our Paintless Dent Repair industry. Take a minute to watch our interview and learn more about how PDR is the best method for Hail Damage Repair. With no carfax report or repainting needed, PDR always retains and restores the value of your vehicle. Did we mention the full repair is covered through insurance? It’s a NO BRAINER! Give us a call if we can help you with your repair or answer any questions.

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Whitney Smyth
This is by far the best PDR I have had for hail damage. I had so much hail damage to my vehicle that I was unsure that it would all come out. Not only did they get all of the hail damage out, you can not even tell there was any hail damage to my vehicle. They are extremely thorough and they take great care and pride in what they do. I will definitely recommend them to anyone who has hail damage. If I need to have hail repair again I will definitely use them in the future. Very satisfied with the results and the service.
thereal kurtwatson
Danny @ Specialized Hail was amazing. He came to my home and did the original estimate. They are miracle workers down there. I had my doubts at 1st because of the severity of the work and it was a brand new vehicle, He made me feel at ease and showed me the shop and the process. Excellent repairs on time and handled all of the insurance paperwork for me. The work was flawless. I totally recommend their service. Payment was easy.
Tasha Baxter
Great people to get your vehicle fixed by. They went out of their way to accommodate pickup/drop off times with me. My vehicle came back looking brand new, minus a couple paint chippings that probably couldn't have been avoided. I would for sure use them if I ever find myself needing this kind of repair again in the future.
Had a bent rear hatch from a garage door coming down on it and nobody wanted to touch it exceot to fill and paint it. Danny fixed it same day and looks like new again, and didn't have to paint and ruin the beautiful new car finish. Price was reasonable. Highly Recommend them!
Mario Flores
Danny is a class act. Dependable and fast. Takes customer service very seriously. Would quickly call him again if needed.
Alfie Mahmoud
Really great service. Fast and professional. Let the pictures speak for themselves. Amazing.
Sean Leen
The car I own is a special car as it’s a police interceptor from 2005 with only 12k miles. Unfortunately was ruined by hail. Danny has absolutely transformed my car from a piece of junk to a beautiful vehicle again. This isn’t a normal car as I am using this car as a show vehicle for my company. I am blown away by the abilities Danny was able to restore the car back to. It looked bad. All over. Now it looks like a brand new car again. I am honored we have such a professional, hard working shop in my area that was able to tackle this job. It wasn’t a major challenge due to the condition it was in, and Specialized Hail NAILED it. Looks literally brand new. The car deserves the new lease on life and I’m happy to have chosen Specialized Hail for this job. Police vehicles are hard to do as they are reinforced and difficult to fit the PDR tools on, but he somehow did it! HIGHLY recommend… on top of that, Danny is a very respectable and awesome dude. 😎
karena holt
I called Danny, and he came out within days and fixed my dent. He was quick, professional, and reasonably priced. I would highly recommend him.
Jerry Taylor
Great work, and went out of way to assist in pickup an delivery. Highly recommend if need hail or paint less repairs done.

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We work with Torres Auto Detail to provide exterior and interior detailing options, as well as ceramic coating.

Available in Fayetteville and Rogers, AR.